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Local Eats: Sibarita

When you're in a foreign country, and you're looking for a place to eat, it's hard to know what's good. Many locals and ex-pats are good at pointing you in the right direction. The key to finding good food; Get To Know The Locals! Since we have been walking everywhere, we have noticed a lot of food on our way to the beach, but what about the places we don't pass?

We were invited to go eat at a Venezuelan restaurant called, Sibarita Cafe. It's located in Plaza Sosua, 2nd Floor, El Batey, Sosua. The special thing about this local eat is that it's owned by a Husband and Wife. Mr. and Mrs. Pablo. Both are from Venezuela and getting to know the owner I discovered he went to college in the state of Louisiana. He's an LSU Tiger from Venezuela, yet living in the Dominican Republic.

This second-floor balcony eatery is pure Venezuelan food made from scratch that comes with a nice cool breeze. I had never eaten Venezuelan food and Sibarita did not disappoint. I ordered extra food to take home for when I needed a snack. Pablo's favorite thing about his restaurant is watching people spend the afternoon eating and having a good time. The location and atmosphere make this local eat easy to enjoy. I can't recommend this place enough. With the open second floor, there is a constant breeze to keep you cool as you watch the Sosua life below. The restaurant offers free Wifi to customers and like many local Sosua restaurants, it's cash/pesos only.

If you find yourself in Sosua, stop here and say hello. If you'd like to see the menu beforehand, check out Sibarita's Facebook Page, or their Instagram.

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