New Website: Your Handyman, LLC.

Many times I get website requests that I turn down because they're not the right fit. Sometimes the money could even be generous, or even good. Sure, I've accepted work that speaks to me more than others. Yet, it's when I receive a website request organically that fits on so many levels is when I get excited!

Introducing, Your Handyman, LLC. This startup company owned by James Taylor had me holding myself back on starting before anything had been agreed upon. James lived as an Expat in the Caribbean (like me), but he's from Louisiana, a location I've also lived. Regardless of that, James has 20 years experience in the construction and carpentry trades and has moved back to his roots in Louisiana to start his business. I had the privilege of helping him set up his new website and social media to assist in spreading the word.

If you're in the Baton Rouge and outlying areas and need a Handyman, James from Your Handyman, LLC. is your guy. It was a pleasure working with him and setting up his website, SEO, social media, logo, video ad, etc. Go check out his website!

A little bit about my design process. I first began this design with the logo and made sure it coincided with the business cards color scheme. From there I kept those colors throughout the entire website design. The logo was created on a transparent background and then many versions and sizes were added to use throughout the website and social media.