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Bolós - Sleeping in an Art Galería

Do not allow yourself to pass up this Airbnb stay by any means!

Have you ever wanted to stay inside of an art studio? Bolós is the place in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo that can make that happen. The owner, Victor Manual Gomez Bolós is not only an artist, but he's also a collector of art he is passionate about. On top of that, he is an architect and designer. The place he lays his head to rest when he is not creating is next door to his 17th-century restoration you can sleep at. If you are to stay at his location, he lives just next door. Down the main strip of the colonial zone exists his art gallery, Bolós. What impressed me so much about Victor is his love of true art, which is creation that already exists; Plants. His art gallery, his Airbnb, and the place he lays his head is littered beautifully with the plants he cares for. The outdoor shower in the Airbnb on the second floor, the master-stay loft has a rare cactus bloom that we were privileged enough to experience. If you want to experience all of it, stand in the outdoor shower at night and gaze upward.

The Airbnb and Victor's place are the original 17th-century restorations. I cannot recommend this stay enough! Follow Victor's work on Instagram and see for yourself. More than seeing is experiencing.

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