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Web Designer - Dream Digital Images, LLC.

The world right now is changing rapidly. Many businesses are in desperate need of change. An online presence is a way to go as well as social media integration. For many, this sounds daunting. Dream Digital Images specializes in web design and social media integration for your business. How does it work? Here is a breakdown of how we get the design started all the way through how we get it finished.

First, we discuss what your business offers and what your goal is for the business.

  1. We establish an internet domain name to purchase.

  2. I go over a design and layout for your business. This is called UI (User Interface)

  3. We brainstorm what features your website will need. Also if your website needs content that you don't have. (pictures, video, graphics) (online store, blog, etc.)

  4. Once all features have been established I create a website template. (This is where everything will be placed on all pages and how it operates) UX (User Experience)

  5. Next, I get to designing. After a few days (in some cased one day, I work fast) I will present to you the first draft by a link, or a video presentation of how the website looks. We can discuss changes, rearranging, etc.

  6. After that gets worked out, I finish the design process.

  7. The next step is to integrate an Instagram, Facebook, or social media page to your website so they work together to keep your presence in the online world. This is the part where a lot of backend features are integrated. Establishing your presence on google search engines and bing. Setting up SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that your company appears at the top of the list in Google searches. (This step is most important)

  8. Once this has all been accomplished we publish your website and share it socially. I show you how to operate certain features if you are wanting to do it.

  9. We monitor the operations to see if any minor changes need to be done. Then, I add you as a contributor to the website info and we place the website in your name. You can then sit back and let Dream Digital Images manage your webspace as needed.

In ten steps, I can get your website up and running. Depending on your website needs, the design and publishing process can take a week to over a month. Most websites that need a lot of content created will take the most time. Don't isolate your business by keeping it offline, or keeping a poorly advertised outdated website. Contact me from the information below or simply book me online. I'd love to work with you and help your business gain a strong online presence, or even start a new business.

I'm Daniel from Dream Digital Images, LLC. I don't sleep, I dream.

Phone: +1 309-912-4322

Website Contact Page: BOOK ONLINE NOW

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Literacy for All
Literacy for All

Wow, Daniel! I am completely amazed by your skills as a web designer and photographer!

I am so glad that you are working on my website! Your work is exemplary!


Roy Elliott
Roy Elliott

Great read thankyouu

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