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What Kills a Person

#Imagine #living in one place most of your #life and never #traveling anywhere else in either direction for three-hundred miles. Your #world view would eventually be very small. Your choices would be defined by what #reality you live in. Let's chase this scenario. On top of this #lifestyle, you are bound by laws that define what you are able to do, and not do. These #laws are real, and they cannot be #broken. These laws are defined by paying bills, like a Mortgage, Loans, Energy Bills, and occasional Entertainment. I'm not merely talking about debts, I'm talking about a way of living. Even I have debts to get rid of. It's what we decide to focus on that determines our reality. The above-mentioned laws are not in themselves universal laws. They're made-up. They're chains that are meant to enslave you. The word, Mortgage comes from the Latin, Mortis, meaning Death. Gage is the French word meaning, Pledge. It is, in fact, a death pledge because most home mortgages are thirty years or more. That is half your lifetime, and you are most likely in your late twenties or early thirties when you sign this pledge.

I'm not saying don't buy a house. What we should all question is, "What would I need to give of myself after signing a death pledge?" Enter this individual:

Before we all assume this individual is crazy, let's all agree he lost his temper. We've all been there. I have numerous times. My question is, what would drive a person to this point? He was obviously having a disagreement with a machine. Let's use discernment to understand the situation.

The story is that this person worked for the now non-existent automotive company called, Saturn. Have you ever worked, or do work, for a major corporation that makes promises it pulls out from under you when their business is failing, or has to make adjustments? Sounds a lot like Government. That brings us to our next word.

Government is derived from the word Gubuerno, which means to Control. The last part of the word I find most interesting. Ment is two words combined from, men's minds.

In no way was the man in the cubicle entertained by his predicament. He more than likely didn't walk back into that company again. And in an Instagram story post I made about this specific blog I'm writing I stated that I hoped that man never walked back into another cubicle ever again. What was this man's life about? He worked an 8 to 5, paid the bills but couldn't afford much else because the company wasn't providing a cost of living raise. On top of that, he consistently told his supervisor that he needed a new computer because the one he was working with was in fact not working. On this particular day, he was extra tired because of the cold he was dealing with all week which was causing loss of sleep. His supervisor was giving him a hard time because he couldn't miss work if he wanted to take that vacation he already bought tickets for later on in the year. This guy didn't have a serotonin boost in months and the only thing he had left to enjoy in the foreseeable future was to bash in the brains of the closest thing causing him pane; His computer.

Let's take note of the environment. A dark, pale cubicle, no better than a concrete wall. Back then he was most likely looking at a data entry screen while sitting in a windowless, dreary gray world. Sunrises and sunsets were not crossing his mind at this time. But my observation was this; When was the last time this individual gave himself the time to observe a distant storm? Or take in a beautiful sunset until it was dark. After that, if the night was clear, tracing the stars with his eyes until those eyes wanted to close.

You see, the cubicle where he sat was not reality. Sure, it was the reality to his way of life, because he possibly didn't know about another reality. The reality that involved him walking away from everything and reevaluating everything. His way of living was made up of laws that weren't real, put in place to keep him inside a concrete cell. That cubicle was, in fact, an open prison cell that he simply needed to shake the door to see that it wasn't locked. All those years his supervisor, metaphorically speaking, told him the door was locked, never testing it for himself. One day, in a moment of complete despair, this man broke the laws that he believed were holding him in place. It was easy because the only consequence was that he didn't have to walk back into his prison cell. A prison that was never locked to begin with. Perhaps you have felt, or are feeling like this person. In a neverending circle of needing to go to prison/work to make money to pay for things, you don't have time for because you're always in prison for eight hours a day. Remember, as I've said in previous posts, Corporations love your loyalty and will show you none in return. Sure, we need money to survive in this world, but as Alan Watts said, "You cannot eat money." The world wants you to believe that you must pay a high price for comfort so you can live your best life. This is a great lie. (Reference this blog post: How We Get Paid To Travel) <--I've added updates

You don't need large amounts of money to enjoy life. In most cases, large amounts of money and fame only turn you into a slave of money. Yes, a neverending slave of always consuming and needing more to give you a sense of happiness; that is until those things are no longer 'happiness' to you. You may find that your surroundings are not making you happy, which in turn makes you need to work so you can attempt to buy happiness.

All of this goes back to the title of this article; What Kills a Person. It's not a question, it's a statement. We've read through what kills a person. It's despair. Despair is defined as the complete loss or absence of hope. The individual in the video who smashed his computer screen felt that. There was no hope and no other solution in his mind. Despair kills a person, but it often can teach a lesson if you're able to come out of it. There is another side, we just have to open the unlocked cell. As stated by Jesus in the gospel of Matthew 6:24, "No one can slave for two masters..."

Who is your master? Do you go to work to make money you wouldn't need if you didn't sign a death pledge? In that case, money has now become your master, and despair the price of the pledge. You have unknowingly closed yourself in a prison and given power to something that is universally powerless if you live your life this way. I hope everyone finds a way out of that situation or that a way out is provided.

There exists many realities. The small town with the 8 to 5 job that comes with a mortºgage and not much outside of that is a reality, but a false reality. It is not joy, it is not hope; it is nothing new to cause you to dream or think deeply. It is a prison cell... but the door isn't locked.

How will you live your reality?

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