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How to Zoom

COVID-19; Corona Virus has us all isolated. The space I am currently in is at max capacity for our country, 10 people. What can I say? When you love a lot of people, you try to keep them gathered. But what about the ones who can't be gathered? There is an answer to that. Yes, there is the typical FaceTime application and with a slightly newer feature of being able to add 32 people to a single FaceTime call, it makes staying in touch pretty easy. What if, however, you need more people? Meetings, work, big social events and even streaming a movie to watch with a lot of people make the loneliness bearable. How can you do this?

There is an App for that. It's called Zoom. And before a week ago, not many people knew of its existence. The company has blown up overnight. It's quality and ease of use make this application a MUST HAVE in this time of uncertainty. Staying in touch has never been more important in a time where social distancing is the medicine being prescribed.

I have created a tutorial on how to use this FREE video application so you can benefit and stay in touch with everyone you love!

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