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Audience of Jellyfish

This, of course, is not something I'm promoting you attempt... ever! It would just so happen on this day, whilst cliff jumping in at Playa Alicia in, Sosua, there was a school of Jellyfish we were completely unaware of. The Wife was the one who stayed behind, and I'm thankful for that.

We jumped at sunset a few days before and there was hardly any sea life to be seen, aside from the occasional fish or crab. However, a few days later, that all changed. I took some visitors to the Caribbean, who are from the state of Montana, cliff jumping. Well, it was awesome! So awesome, the Jellyfish came to watch us jump. I wonder now if Jellyfish know what crowd surfing is? We jumped right into them... and they caught us. Everywhere we looked, Jellyfish surrounded us. Yes, we were stung. It wasn't the kind you'd get from a pink or red Jellyfish. These are the clear kind. It feels like you were touched by a stun gun. The saltwater causes the venom to make it itch and burn. I'd describe it as the most irritating mosquito bite you've ever had.

Had there been a more colorful jellyfish, we'd all be in the hurt locker... or maybe dead. Perhaps I'm being dramatic in saying that, but the stories I've read after this incident has me thankful that these jellyfish were clear.

Just see for yourself.

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