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Websites That Take You Places

A recent website I was able to a create was a simple blog. But sometimes simple is all you need when what you're creating is for something amazing! That's just what this recent website blog is. It's for a community called CoBoaters. What is CoBoaters? I'll quote them.

CoBoaters is a sailing community aiming to bring boaters together and offer new opportunities on the water – but there’s so much more to it! For both skippers and crewmembers, finding crewmembers, boats, and boating opportunities can be a real struggle, and connecting with one another can be a difficult task. Ironically, both crewmembers and skippers rely on each other for a successful outing on the water.

CoBoaters is perfect if your life is on the water. CoBoaters already had a website but they have a lot stories to tell, as most sailors do. So, they needed a blog. I had the privilege of creating a blog website for them that links to the company website. Check it out! I'm proud of, and excited to have been apart of it. Did I mention I love sailing, oceans, sea life and pretty much everything nautical.

There's one thing I do know about voyaging on the sea; you forget the world. There's no past, and no future, only the present. The sea has a way of putting things into perspective. It's much more simple. There's you, your vessel, and the weather patterns. The sea isn't like the land, it can't be claimed. You can voyage across it and harness the wind to take you to your destination, but no one owns it. It's for us to marvel at and take in it's grandeur; it's awe. Every sunrise and sunset is a gleaming spectacle, a fading jewel. Those who sail know this. CoBoaters brings that sailing community together and gives those apart of it an accessible online boating platform. It's like a notice board at your local yacht club. It aims to bring that concept online and bring together a boating community around the idea of co-navigation, co-sailing, co-boating and boat-sharing. Are you a sailor, a boater, a skipper, someone looking to book a passage? Join Coboaters!

And don't forget, if you need a website, a photographer, a videographer - no matter where you're at, not matter where I'm at in the world, remember Dream Digital Images, LLC. I don't sleep, I dream.

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