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How a Family of Five Packed Up In Four Days


The plan was to move the family (canine's included) to the Caribbean for a few months and then possibly longer. Our first stops however included the Midwestern and Northern United States to visit family. This was decided back in February. As I was making websites and working with future clients, we were trying to decide what the plan was. We even put our house on the market for sale. There were no bites on our listing at all. With a week left before we knew we had to pack things up and head to Northern United States, we had everything left to do. It was overwhelming.

Someone had suggested in the middle of the week that we list our house for rent rather than for sale. I was reserved about becoming a landlord, but I decided that Wednesday afternoon, with only four days left until we had to leave, that I would list it on Facebook for rent. Within ten minutes I had five people wanting to come see it. That evening I showed it to two people and the second person was our choice. They wanted to know if we could move out by Monday. That meant we had to pack up everything in four days. We accepted the challenge and Thursday night our new Tennant's came to sign the lease.

We sold a lot of things that we knew we weren't taking. Things like, tables, lamps, furniture, appliances, etc. We even donated a lot of items just by making a local facebook post that everything in our garage had to go and to come get it.

Everything that transpired in four days mainly took place through Facebook. We had to buy a small storage unit for our beds and a few dressers we knew we needed to keep. We then had to install a trailer hitch on our van, which was done at a UHAUL place. It was down to the wire. We were still loading things up in the 10x10 trailer on Sunday night. With our refrigerator sold, friends brought over a meal and helped us finish. We woke up at five o'clock Monday morning and left the keys and the garage door openers.

It was a massive change that we're still scratching our heads over at how the chips fell into place so quickly. The hardest part about making sudden and needed changes is to simply decide. If I hadn't made the post about renting my property none of this would have happened so quickly. We will soon be in the Caribbean trying to learn Spanish, working remotely, creating content and quality of life.

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