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La Boca River - Cabarete

There is a path not usually taken. If you weren't shown or told of its existence, you wouldn't continue down this sandy path. Driving down this road, surrounded by palm trees and bushes can make you question if what you're doing is safe. There are a few places to park in the sand on this long road where local surfers come to hang out and catch some waves. As a matter of fact, if you're there to surf, definitely pull off on these sandy openings and catch some of the best waves in the Caribbean with the local Wave Tribe. Continue driving until there is nowhere else to go, and you will come to La Boca River. There is an inlet coming in from the ocean making this water brackish and teaming with life.

How do you get to this location? Well, of course, you can walk here. However, I recommend a car or motorcycle. It's a good distance. If you're in Cabarete already, or even Sosua you would need a motorcycle. Or if you are driving, you can take a vehicle. The road is not paved, and if it has recently rained there can be large, unexpected puddles of water. The only way around them is through them.

After reaching the end of the sandy road, there is a large opening of an ocean inlet. If you're driving, try parking your vehicle in a shaded spot. From there, you'll see a very small wooden dock. If there isn't already a boat, there is a spotter across La Boca River. He will send the boat captain to get you. Stand on the dock and watch all the fish in the river while listening to the thunderous waves behind you.

When you dock onto La Boca Grill, step through the fence and take a seat. They have fish, crab, and much more. Check out the menu here. The sauce they have for your fish that is served with rice and beans is out of this world. The environment, the tropical atmosphere, and the thought of how you arrived will make the experience unforgettable.

The price for the fish, salad, three coconut's, two pineapples and rum, $35.00 USD, or $2,000.00 RDP. The Fish, of course, costing the most. This meal and drinks fed seven people. We also tipped the boat captain $100.00 RDP. The entire experience was under $40.00 USD.

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