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Living Abroad as a Family of Five - Week One

What have we've been up to our first week living abroad in the Dominican Republic? The first two days were spent getting organized and unpacking in our new place. Next, we have had to work out all the quirks of living in a new space and letting the owner know of a few small issues. Finally, we have been getting to know the locals and making new friends, fast! It's working out so far. The most difficult I would say is learning the language and translating Dominican Pesos to USD to know how much you are spending and saving. There are apps for that which have come in handy.

We took a bus to Santiago to be with friends, but I'd say our biggest adventure yet was walking through Sosua to Playero to buy an overpriced fan. That day it was insanely hot. While traveling to the store, every motorbike wants to give you a ride. I tried to explain that I had my whole family around the corner. Once he saw, he kindly directed us the way to go. One can't help but be leary when you don't speak the language and you're in a place you're not familiar with. Later, however, after leaving the store, the man had been driving around looking for us to make sure we found our way. This was so touching. Again, I thought he wanted payment by putting my three daughters on his motorbike for a picture, but he wouldn't take it. He only said, "My name is Cello (chel-low), and I will watch out for them." He hugged us and rode away.

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