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Purple Mountains Travel Agency (PMTA)

Creating a #website for a #travelagency. This was a first for me.


While this wasn't too challenging, the client was extremely easy to work with. Even when they wanted to make a major change to an already decided layout. We were able to overcome any obstacles because the creativity and ideas were exciting. None of the changes needed were frustrating and I really enjoyed creating this website. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do.

It fist started with the logo. The client needed something that looked rustic and at the same time coincide with the company name that was chosen. It went like this.

First, Color = Purple. Purple Font

Second, Mountains = Letter, 'M'

Third, Font Style = Old Fence


This is how the logo was decided upon and appreciated by the client. I was happy they chose this design.

I like to record the screen to give a preview of each website I create. Here is the web page in action.

Let me know if you need website designed for you. From the simplest to what may be the hardest. If you don't know how to describe what you're trying to create, fear not. I'm willing to brainstorm and come up with ideas with you.

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