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The Waves in the Caribbean

Sosua and Cabarete are home to many beautiful beaches, arguably some of the best in the world. Calm seas and blue skies make for the most relaxing days of your life as you lay in the sand or a chair listening to the gentle waves. There is no need to close your eyes to find rest and feel relaxed, the paradisaic scenery will do all of that for you. If you wish to get up from your beach chair and do a bit of exploring, Playa Sosua houses many reefs just off the main beach that you can swim to. A beach called Alicia, just to the left of Sosua and around the bluff has fewer people. All the restaurants at Alicia exist on the rocks behind you. If you're feeling risky, Playa Alicia is famous for cliff jumping and has a path to do so. Have you gotten your attention? Good!

Both of these beaches even on a clear sunny day can produce astronomical waves. Waves so big, that if you're not careful, your last moments would be spent on the beach, and nothing thereafter. The weather patterns coming off the distant mountains of Peurto Plata cause much of these killer waves, especially at Playa Alicia. An occasional storm out at sea can create waves and currents that hold no pattern and are quite deadly. As dangerous as these waves are, for the many locals and traveling surfers these large waves are the best part of the Caribbean. Not just surfers, Bodyboarding and Skimboarding is a fantastic thrill to be apart of and to watch. I recommend abandoning your living room couch and finding a beach chair, sitting, and watching some real entertainment.

No movie theater and no television set can bring you four-dimensional entertainment like watching thunderous waves that can be felt in your chest and fill the air with thunderous awe. If you were to close your eyes and forget where you were, the sound of the waves breaking on the shore would have anyone second-guessing if they were listening to a thunderstorm. Surfing, Skimboarding, or Bodyboarding these waves is not for amateurs. More than likely if you don't know what you're doing, yet are willing to attempt one of these sports, some of the locals might oblige to assist you to ensure you don't get killed. Sitting back and watching these sports becomes a sport of its own. Guessing how a wave is going to fall, or how far its passenger on a surfboard or bodyboard will get carried is hours of entertainment.

Do yourself a favor! Leave the couch, avoid the movie theater, pay 100 pesos for a beach chair and enjoy sea spray, righteous waves and brave thrill-seekers riding them. You would never be disappointed. Featured Instagrams: Jeffrey Kottman Ernesto Bencosme

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