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Tiny Taste Testers

How do you make eating even more fun? You share the taste and reaction with everyone. We came up with the idea to start a channel for Petra, Mylah, and Onyda to taste test all the new foods they eat and some they've had before.

Almost every night before bed, at least one of them tells us that they are hungry even though they just ate. So, we decided to create a taste testing before bed. It began with Star Fruit. Now we are no longer telling them, "No! You already ate. Go to bed!" Now we say, "Let's do a taste testing and then get ready for bed." It was the perfect solution to bedtime hunger dilemma we know every parent goes through.

From this ideas came, Tiny Taste Testers. Since we're always traveling, we began recording them trying all new foods in new places. Since children will always tell the truth about food with no reservations, their brutal honesty can often times be comical. We are having so much fun creating these and it has now grown into a YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Website.

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