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Why I Talk To Strangers

More often than not, opportunities in life will not present themselves if you do not reach out. And many times, if you don't know anyone even a little bit, you have no connections. Through the past I have always found this to be true. There is a saying; "It's all about who you know." This has always come true for me.

So why do I talk to strangers? Because it provides opportunity I wouldn't otherwise have. I will paint a scenario for you.

One day I took my kids to the neighborhood swimming pool, as I often do. There was a man who lay in the pool chair beside who opened a drink and watched his child play in the water and make friends with the three little girls (mine) who soon surrounded her asking her what her name was. Children instantly want to meet everyone around them in most cases because they cast no judgment. We can all learn something from that. I introduced myself to the man next to me who proceeded to inquire if all three little girls were mine, to which I said yes. In most cases this is always followed by a few statements about having three girls, and wait until they're teenagers. This was not done in this case. The man simply said, "Lucky you," and, "what a blessing."

We spoke about what the other person did for work. At this time I was working at a job I had been at for over eight years but told him I'm also building websites. He proceeded to tell me about his business and the website he pays for. He eventually painted his business website in a negative light due to the amount of money he was paying for it every other week, which still has me baffled. I told him I could recreate his exact website and make it even better for much, much less, and he'd only be charged for the domain and hosting annually.

In the end, not only had speaking to a total stranger brought me more business, but it saved this guy a lot of money!

I always say, in a casual setting, talk to others. You never know what you might learn. They're all people just like you and I. Would could a simple, hello, and how are you, hurt? The worst you can get is a cold shoulder. Most likely, people will want to speak to you if you show interest. Always look for opportunities and most importantly, friends to make.

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