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Your Job Does Not Define You

You need to work faster.

Your numbers aren't high enough.

This is your final warning.

We're going to have to let you go.


Have you ever heard any of these words? I just did over the span of five months. I also heard from a new arrogant leader, my 5th boss in a year and a half, of the Private Company I was apart of, "You get everywhere in life by being an a-- hole!" This was one of the first conversations I had with this individual.

Are you creative? If you are, you'll know that crunching numbers to simply make a quota so you're department looks good on paper is not at all creative. But unfortunately, my position changed. Rather than being simply creative, it was to crunch numbers. While I understand the business side and needing to run a billion dollar private company... how do I say this? I hate business. I hate everything to do with it. Accounting, the non-personal relationships. You can't make true friends in business because the friendship is based on business. It's all arid. It doesn't smell of anything, or taste of anything. All of this figuring is a completely colorless occupation. I could not longer see the colors because the number crunching washed them all away.

Money doesn't make you truly happy. What does? Figure out a way in which you can get paid to play and work. To expand your mind and learn as you go. If you don't, you will quickly become board and have that dread for Mondays. Not just Mondays, but Sundays because you know it's about to come to a close. Are we living out life just so we can have a Saturday? Who makes the rules? Rules that start with, money, are not a fundamental or universal truth. It is all made-up and bound together by lies and false promises. You can show every bit of loyalty to a company you work for most of y